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Winter is coming to a close, nature is awakening, and so is our skin... tired, sensitive to the variations in temperature, and above all, congested due to toxins accumulated over the last feew months, our skin needs to gradually adapt to the changing the seasons.

Drawing on its expertise in made-to-measure car, My Blend naturally responds to your skin's specific needs during this transitional period and helps it adapt. To gracefully transition to the warmer days, add these 3 essential steps into your routine to unveil a complexion that radiates with vitality.

1 Evaluate your skin's needs with My Skin diag

Between winter ending and spingtime beginning, it's time to take stock of your skin. It's the ideal opportunity to define your beauty diagnostic by answering a few questions about your lifestyle and skin type in order to determine your skin's needs.You'll then discover your personalised beauty prescription, which takes into account the issues that arise due to the changing of the seasons. The secret to beautiful skin? A combination of skin care products adapted to the specific moment, combined with healthy lifestyle, restful sleep and the right diet.

2 Renew your skin

Coming out of the winter months, your skin has been weakened by external agressions (cold,wind, etc.), and its resulting dryness requires particular care. Tend to it by exfoliating once or twice a week using the Skin Polishing Face and Lip Exfoliator. Its expert formula offers a double exfoliation, both mechanical and enzymatic, to efficiently eliminate dead skin cells and polluion particles thanks to moringa extract. Your skin's shine and luminosity will be restored.

3 Protect your skin

The beautiful days are only just beginning, and with them, the first afternoons spent out on the terrace. As your skin has been deprived of sunshine the last few months, it needs to gradually adapt by using targeted care. The new City Veil helps protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution. Nomadic in format, it slips into your bag so that you can reapply your skin care at any moment of the day.

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