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Discover the 11th My Blend salad on video

Instead of making you choose between healthy eating and indulgence, this salad lets you do both. Light and full of vitamins, it will replenish your supply of antioxidants, the best remedy for stress, and carotenoids, an endless source of energy and endurance.

Star ingredients:

French cantaloupe and watermelon. Their refreshing fragrances conceal their most important qualities: provitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants that trap free radicals, fibres to improve digestion, very few calories and... lots of water.

King crab. In addition to vitamins, minerals and trace elements, this delicious crab meat contains a high percentage of proteins and fatty acids that help to protect your health.

Bulgur, which is nourishing and low in calories.

-A spot of olive oil and a handful of goji berries, rich in carotenoids, complete this utterly summery salad with their sweet, tangy flavours.


My Blend Salad No. 11 can be enjoyed at the Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris Long Bar every day from 12:00 to 5:00 pm (€44)



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