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By Dr Olivier Courtin - A gourmet’s ode to winter to be discovered at the Royal Monceau’s Long Bar

Winter is creeping over the city. It’s time to come and discover the eighth My Blend salad at the Royal Monceau’s Long Bar. Concocted by Chef Laurent André, this gastronomic winter edition juggles with flavours to warm us up, playing on the subtle harmonies of sea and land with a fruity note to provide a little pep!

Take a pause at the Royal Monceau’s Long Bar and see for yourself! The cloistered atmosphere of the famous bar is the perfect backdrop for a gastronomic experience.

The promise of luxury is already in the eye of the beholder. Three generous deep-sea Saint-Jacques scallops, hand-collected by experienced deep-sea divers - what more could you ask? -  are topped with goji (wolfberry) crumbs. At the epicentre of this gourmet tableau, shiny black Beluga lentils form a striking contrast with the red juice of beetroot and the sparkling green of young spinach shoots. An exquisite palette of colours which promises extraordinary health benefits!

Now that your visual senses have been awakened, it’s time for the taste buds to take over! On the palate, a delicate marriage of texture and aroma. The precious, plump flesh of the Saint-Jacques scallop reveals the suave crispness of Beluga lentils. Hazelnuts notes and a taste of the sea form a marvellous blend, the flavour enhanced with the subtle fruitiness of wolfberry crumbs. To add a finishing touch to this delightful bouquet, raw beetroot juice titillates the palate with its slightly sweet yet acid aroma, while young spinach sprouts add a touch of crisp freshness to this gastronomic symphony. Paradise in winter!

Rich in fibres and minerals, this new gourmet speciality, with only 96.9 kcal per 100 grams, has many points in its favour: a gold mine of vitamins and trace elements, quality protein and complex carbohydrates to keep you healthy all winter long.

Ever faithful to the My Blend philosophy, the eighth salad in the collection concocted by chef Laurent André will delight all those who like to combine pleasure, health and beauty!


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