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Tea or Soft Drink ?

What is your lifestyle?
What is your skin background?
Your skin has so much to say.
Let yourself be guided by our beauty diagnosis
with 21 questions, in order to obtain your own
personalised My Blend skincare prescription.


Your Diagnosis


You live in an environment that is:
Are you often exposed to air-conditioning?
Are you?
Do you smoke?
Do you have a balanced diet?
What do you drink the most often during the day?
Are you or have you recently been on a diet?
Do you exercise?
Is at least one of your activities outdoors?
Is your sleep restful?
Have you recently undergone: (Several answers are possible)
Does the change in season affect your mood?
Facing the sun, you get sunburned…
How would you describe your skin upon waking? (Several answers are possible)
What would you say about the pores of your skin
How would you describe the shininess of your skin?
Dry skin      
Is your eye contour area puffy and/or do you have dark circles…
Dark circles
Evaluate the wrinkles in your eye contour area:
Would you say your skin is:
Is your skin sensitive? (Skin that reacts to environmental factors: sensation of tightness and/or stinging and/or burning, sometimes redness)
Is your skin subject to… (Several answers are possible)
What is your care routine? (Several answers are possible)
Indicate your age bracket:
To receive your diagnosis please fill or review the following fields :
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  • Formule Essentielle
  • Boosters
  • Contour des yeux

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