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My Blend is based on a discovery, that of a renowned surgeon, Dr Olivier Courtin, son of Jacques Courtin, the founder of Clarins.

While operating on top-level sportsmen, Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins observed that skin repair, which is related to tissue regeneration, not only depends on age but also on the patient's physical and psychological condition and their lifestyle. His observations can be explained by the relationship that exists between the skin and the brain, which are much more connected than one might think, and the role of nerve endings, which are the skin’s “pilot” network. The nerve endings synthesise mediators which they use to coordinate the action of all the cells and participate in the skin’s principal biological functions (skin barrier, epidermal renewal, immune protection and regeneration).

A few years later, when Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins was managing the Research Laboratory at Clarins, he realised that skin repair and combating the effects of age both depend on the biological mechanism of skin tissue regeneration.  The importance of the role played by the nerve endings in skin rejuvenation thus became apparent.

For Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins, the future of beauty care lay in neuro-cosmetics and, to an even greater extent, personalised neuro-cosmetics.

He then developed My Blend, a concept of personalised skin care products which not only takes into account the skin’s intrinsic characteristics, but also the environment in which it evolves, by incorporating powerful active ingredients that protect the nerve endings and cells involved in skin balance. Thus, each skin, whatever its initial condition, becomes capable of recreating an environment that is conducive to its regeneration.


CELL SYNERGY anti-age complex, exclusive to My Blend.

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